Since she was little, Paulina has been dancing various disciplines, especially classical and folklore. She encountered Argentinian dance forms while travelling in Paris, and then began to practice them in Poland, meanwhile travelling to Berlin and Buenos Aires.

She is Poland’s pioneer of Argentinian tango – for 18 years, she has been dancing, teaching and promoting this particular form. For almost two decades, she has helped tango circles grow all over Poland, in various towns and cities. She is the founder of the Argentinian Tango Academy and initiated the Warsaw Tango Marathon and Milongas 1913-15. She created and led the first Warsaw milongas, over the years organising numerous key tango events (concerts, workshops, balls, tango evenings, festivals, marathons), while inviting internationally renowned artists to Poland. She helped create choreographies for both stage and screen. She is currently a dancer, a dance tutor, a cultural organiser and a DJ. Together with her husband Jan Woźniak, she organises new projects under the Tangolada label. She believes that tango is about joyous playfulness, but she also sees in it something far deeper, something difficult to qualify, and yet which can help us grow in all sorts of contexts. The two words she associates with her experience of tango are “passion” and “mission”.


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