John Yingren Tan

/ United Kingdom

I used to be a simple man who doesn’t do any dancing or music related activities, however few years ago I have been diagnosed and suffered from a chronic tango addiction, transformed me into a fanatic milonguero. Finding the cure, I am currently undergoing a daily high dosage of tango music prescription to ease this illness.

My DJ inspirations come from the dancers; the responses from the dance floor instigate the music I play. I always like to make things simple, music I play range from guardia vieja to the epoca de oro and always involve a wide variety of the newer tango from 1950 / 60s.

I like to create waves between songs and tandas, strong rhythm and high energy.

I am determined to let the dancer feel the sentiments of every piece of the classic I play, sharing the most precious 12 minutes with their partners within a tanda.

It is not important what I play, I normally let the dancers decide what to come next, I only help to create the best moment for everyone. The only thing I dictate is when the dancers stop dancing in a milonga, but this is something that I will never let them because I play for the dancers and the true dancers only.

Ewa Zbrzeska

/ United Kingdom

London based, originally from Poland, Ewa has been regularly DJing at major London milongas (Corrientes, Pavadita, the Crypt, the Dome, Carablanca, Negracha & The Light), and has played at various UK & European events since 2009.

She plays traditional tango, with emphasis on creating different moods and musical textures to offer a variety of emotions to the dancers.

Elisabetta Piro

/ Italy

Elisabetta comes from Palermo (Italy) where she now organizes El Tango Club tango school. She spent a lot of time in Argentina, where she was DJ in lots of milongas as the Parakultural in Salon Canning in Buenos Aires and in Rosario.

Now she travels all around Europe as a DJ, playing in the most popular milongas and events in Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London, Munich and elsewhere.

Elisabetta’s DJing is based around Golden Era Orquestas from which she mixes rhythmic and melodic tandas.

Jacques Rombauts

/ Belgium

DJ Jack jest organizatorem Encuentro Boca Antwerp oraz Warm Embrace Antwerp.

Ponadto od 10 lat prowadzi Milonga Milonguero Kwartier w Antwerpii, regularnie gra na milongach, festiwalach i podczas encuentros w Belgii, Holandii, Francji, Włoszech, Hiszpanii, Niemczech.

W tym roku po raz pierwszy odwiedzi Polskę.

Prezentowana przez Jacques’a muzyka jest zawsze energetyczna i świetnie nastrajająca tańczących.

Victoria Guasch

/ Spain

Her first encounter with tango took place in 1996 and since that time she is inextricably linked with it. As she emphasizes, tango is music genre and a cultural creation in one. It represents different aspects of culture, also dance, singing, music and poetry.

Tango created milongas – the meeting places all over the world. Preparation of music during the milongas means to create this special for tango atmosphere, place of dancing, where its` rules have to be respected.

Preparation of music for dancing does not require a broad knowledge regarding tango, dancing styles, its`s creation time, neither the orchestras nor recordings.

Only a profound knowledge of tango allows creating an ambiance for dancing, and common sharing of emotions, that tango release in people.

Aquaried experience:- Curso de musicalizador de tango con Mario Orlando, Buenos Aires
– DJ productor profesional por la escuela de sonido, producción y audiovisuales SONOPRO
– Curso de musicalizador con Daniel Borelli, Buenos Aires
– Curso de musicalización con Horacio Godoy, Barcelona